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Freedom Trail, Boston, Massachusetts

Historic Freedom Trail in Boston is perfect for walking through the history of Boston. The freedom trail organizes a 2.5 miles walk through the historic neighborhood of history, and it is known as one of the most significant tourist attraction walks. Boston is filled with sites that have their association with the American Revolution and fight for Independence. These and many other places of attraction make Boston field trips a perfect learning experience for students.
If your travel is related to exploring history of the city, then choosing the historic Freedom Trail tour would make perfect sense. The trail takes the members to sites like the Faneuil Hall, State House, Boston Common, churches, museums, and areas of shopping and entertainment. For an educational travel to Boston, students must join the Walk on the historic Freedom Trail to learn more about the city, its historical importance, and role in the American Revolution.
Freedom Trail takes the members to the following sites:
- Boston Common
The freedom trial begins with Boston common. The common was developed by the first Puritan settlers in the city, who gave birth to the civic life. The members are taken to the colonial militias trained areas where public hangings used to take place for about 3 centuries. It was the same place when the British troops camped before they went to Concord for the American Revolution. Even Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. has affiliation with this place. He spoke about freedom here. Before running for the Presidency, Barack Obama even spoke about the future at Boston Common.
- House of Paul Reverse
This is a medieval style house that is located in the North End. The house is made from wooden pegs and carved timber. It was developed in the 17th century but it is still standing at its original location. It is now open as museum. The house contains displays from the past such as metal bowls, spoons, bells, dental wirings and engraved plates. It is also home to furniture, furnishing and maps from the 17th century. Visitors will have a chance to see the collectibles from the past with a close eye.
- Granary Burying Ground
It is one of the oldest historical locations in the city, dating back to 1660. All the heroes and patriots from the revolutionary war were buried here. This ground is also known as "Westminster Abbey" of Boston. Graves of famous heroes such as Paul Revere and Samuel Adams are here. The victims from the Boston Massacre are also buried here.
- USS constitution
USS constitution is the ancient commissioned warship afloat built in the year 1793 for the protection of the ships of the US merchants from the attacks of the Barbary pirates. It is made from wood and is known as the Old Ironsides. Now, this constitution is open for public tours. It is one of the favorite places to visit among the kids and adults.
- The Faneuil Hall
In the year 1742, a merchant named Peter Faneuil felt that Boston needs a marketplace. He tried to convince the leaders of the city but they did not agree. As Faneuil was wealthy, he developed a marketplace known as The Faneuil Hall marketplace from his own money and donated it to the city.