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Liberty Bell, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Although there are plenty of historical and beautiful places in the great city of Philadelphia, but Liberty Bell is a unique thing to see and is of utmost importance. It reminds us of the great struggle of the founding fathers of the United States of America. This iconic Liberty Bell reminds us of the independence from the colonial power. Liberty Bell is situated at 6th St & Market St, Philadelphia. It was made with the help of Copper and Tin metals. It conveys the following message from the past:
"Proclaim Liberty throughout All the Land unto All the Inhabitants thereof"
Liberty Bell is the symbol of American Independence, Liberty, and Unity of the nation. It has also inspired other civil rights movements like abolitionists' movement, women's suffrage movement, and civil rights movement. Every student should visit this place. There is no ticket to visit this place. The hours to visit it vary from season to season. During the visit, you will be shown the film about this bell, which will take you into the great past of the United States. State House Bell is the original name of the Liberty Bell. It was installed at the Pennsylvania State House, which is today known as the Independence Hall.
Liberty Bell was installed on the bell tower in 1751 on the order of the speaker of Pennsylvania Assembly, Norris Isaac. On the very first running of the bell, it cracked and it was made again after melting it down. The purpose of this bell was to call lawmakers. The spring season is the best time to visit Philadelphia because there are plenty of amazing and unique places in Philadelphia that really are fun to visit in his moderate weather. In order to easily organize a field trip, we are here to help you. We can provide you the best buses and motor coaches to make your trip a wonderful experience. So feel free to call us for more information.